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You, too, can
have your own
tech department!


For more than ten years, Brentwood Technology has provided quality, cutting edge technical service to clients all across Southern California. Whether you are setting up a network for your office, looking for the perfect, customized data management program, or just getting used to your first PC or Mac, Brentwood Technology will provide you with consistent, timely and courteous service.

Many consulting services specialize in either PC or Mac or have expertise dealing with only one or two programs. Our strength is in our diversity. We have proven expertise in Windows and Mac, servers and PDAs, wired and wireless networks, and more. Brentwood Technology will use its experience to tackle any project, regardless of the platform, program or nature of the job.

Our client-centered approach demands that your satisfaction is paramount and ensures that the services we provide are the best available. Whether you require routine hardware maintenance or an explanation of "why is it doing that?" in language that makes sense to you, we look forward to using our expertise to enhance the quality of your technical life.

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